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You have an idea. Now what? It's crucial you choose the right path toward starting a business and building a brand. Have a working business plan and consult a group of experts in their field. You wouldn't build a house without consulting a variety of specialists, and laying a foundation, would you?  We now offer Business Starter Packages. 
You have a great product and a market who wants it. How do you connect the dots? Sure, you know your business, but maybe you don't have a clue how to promote your business ...or where your next lead is coming from.  Small business marketing plans are a key part of what we do.   
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It's a Small World

The internet marketing rules are changing rapidly. Is your business ready and dynamic enough to change with it? Are you  up on the latest in AI (Artificial Intelligence)? We are connecting, creating and being exposed in ways we never dreamed possible. Studies show that before committing to a purchase 80% of US consumers look to the internet to research the product or the company and most searches are on mobile. Is your website readily found and prepared to receive and capture warm prospects?  Do you know what your 'social standing' is?

We have a savvy local team, and we work with with the most effective internet marketing, social media, SEO and reputation management teams to get you noticed for all the right reasons. 

Business on a Budget  

As marketing consultants we strive to find wallet-friendly solutions for our small businesses and independent reps, as well as our bigger clients. We're always scouting, testing and researching new technologies, affordable 
tools and tactics for MUST HAVES in your business. We've also just created money-saving business packages such as ongoing retainers, corporate Identity packages, social media management and Local Search/SEO. These are combinations sure to set you up for success without breaking the bank. See packages and check some of our partner tools here


 88 626 2WIN 

The IRS pays you to have a home based business

Yes, it sounds like incredible income, but the results are cold hard cash, and most people don't realize they are leaving cash on table by not having a business - and deductions - to call their own. Even if you have a great job, there are significant deductions for which you can take advantage of.  Mileage, product samples, a home office, or a percentage of your home's square footage and more.  We help entrepreneurs, MLM leaders, independent reps / real estate agents to maximize their web presence, save time, and new business capabilities while  minimizing their outgo.   Your company provided replicated site does not have the tools need to be found. Are you missing out? 

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Brand and Build your Business

Reinvent your marketing!
Register for a FREE VIRTUAL consultation, Receive the latest business building tips, tricks and tactics, and how to market in the current economic climate. 

Do you know where you stand? 


Facebook now claims nearly THREE BILLION users and that is a lot of eyeballs. So why not "fish ' where the fish are!  Facebook continues to hold great promise for the transition from personal fun to a venue for business connections and lead generation. In the not too recent past, some big brands were disenamored with Social media, but the big brands who stuck it out are seeing measurable results. 

With the onslaught of APPS now available, it is easy to build a very comprehensive business fan page that includes everything a website might. NOW including Ecommernce solutions, marketipakce and more. Popular added features include  real estate searches, shopping carts, customer reviews, amazon stores, Instagram and Pinterest pages built right into the Facebook platform.

Easily targeted ads and tracking insights make it increasingly business, brand and affiliate friendly.  But don't be fooled into thinking you can "build it and they will come". Much like your website, your fan page needs traffic and a visibilty strategy, depending on your goals it will also need "in FB " advertising. Set yourself up for success, get guidance from a professional marketing agency or consultant. 



Revive your FANPAGE with our

NEW Social Surgeon program!



NOW can be your entire e-commerce outlet

as well a training portal.  


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