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Our Clients and Our Creative

At Moxxee, we seek to go deep with our clients' businesses, so we cover all areas of need and achieve better results. We strive to create happy clients that will be proud of what we've created for them and comfortably refer us to friends and associates. Below you'll see a few of the examples of what we can do directly, as well as our fulfillment partners.  In addition to what's shown we are proud to have many more examples in our portfolio and grateful for our numerous recommendations.  


How may we help YOU? 

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Recommendations and Client Testimonials for MoxxeeMedia

Holly has an aptitude for understanding her clients needs and exceeding their expectations. Last year, we hired Holly to revamp our outdated website and we couldn't be more thrilled with the results. She didn't merely create an aesthetically pleasing website, but she also ensured that it reflects the values of our organization down to the finest details. As a graphic web designer, Holly would be an asset to any team, for any project at any organization. 


Thank you, Holly for all your exceptional work


Spectrum Information Services

Document Management Solutions

I found Holly to be a strong leader and hard worker.  She has the ability to bring forth many new ideas and understands how to get “the phone to ring”.  She is also very organized and understands all aspects of marketing and the creative process.  Holly’s creative design background and solid communications were very valuable to me in the development of the marketing department’s presentations to upper management and the franchise base.

Holly has a high integrity level and was a pleasure to work with.  She always took my direction, asked pertinent questions and then proceeded to independently accomplish projects on time and on budget.

I would personally recommend Holly for any job in Marketing or Creative Services. 

Phil Mettra, VP Marketing  

Home Franchise Concepts, 3 Day Blinds 

Holly helped me under a very tight timeline with a few marketing pieces for an event and mastermind I was producing. She was fantastic to work with and went above and beyond. She is highly creative, upbeat, clever, bright and great to work with. I highly recommend hiring her!


Brad Axelrad

Consultant, Visionary, Coach 

Holly is a highly motivated, intelligent marketer who has a great intuition and ability to think creatively. She was responsible for many new and innovative ideas that produced many tangible results. She is an enjoyable person to work with who is always positive.


Chris Nolan 

Global Manager - 1 Shot Marketing

Holly, of MoxxeeMedia is a good-natured and extremely bright individual who has a natural artistic talent that has been honed by formal training in graphic design.  Holly has ... the uncanny ability to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, ... She has shown to be well versed in conventional as well as online marketing strategies, including organic and social media, skills that fit in well with the changing landscape of today's marketing requirements.

Holly is a strong, energetic person with high moral values, someone who doesn't  compromise on quality. While good natured and easy to work with, she is also suited to projects where she has autonomy. Given a little freedom and the resources to do the job, Holly's creativity and dedication, along with her strong writing skills, will produce results superior to most in a time frame that is considerate of the client's requirements.

Chris C Smith - Editor MC press

CC Communications

Holly is a marketing pro! She knows how to create excitement and buzz for just about anything. Holly is a very hard worker with integrity & professionalism. Holly is fun to be around and if you have the opportunity to work with her, you will be glad you did! I am glad to be affiliated with Holly. 

BK Pierson 

International Retailer, Real Estate investor 

Holly manages my campaigns for my brokerage business. I am always amazed at how quickly she can transform a business marketing concept into a graphic design and branding that is smart, colorful, and well positioned,. She is well versed on all the new social media sites and newer mobile applications.

Yves Le Bienvenu 

YBroker, Inc. 

We were referred to Holly at Moxxee Media to design a banner for our Le Tip group. Not only did she nail the design and verbiage down quickly.. she got it rushed and printed in time for our event .. faster and cheaper than our regular printing service! I would definitely call on Moxxee again for any marketing, design or printing needs. . 

Brad Turpin 
Branch Mgr PRMG


Holly is a whiz with creating WordPress websites and has a first-rate, creative mind for marketing!  She's helped our company with a few e-commerce solutions and has a real knack for creative problem solving as well.  I'd recommend her to any friend or family member, not to mention business acquaintances who will benefit from her assistance!


Joe  Hines - A Cubed Marketing

Holly, you are the one! The video that you and   Moxxeemedia created made us look great!  


Michael Bland 

Owner / Award Winning Body Builder / Trainer

BiG GROUP FITNESS, San Clemente 

I am so glad to have your expertise while building my business! You are amazing! Every business needs to have a creative/marketing consultant so that the individual can focus on what they do best. As a Hair Color Specialist, Makeup artist , eyebrow and eyelash extension Artist, I have gratitude that Holly is in my life helping me create a whole new dynamic with all on my social network. My vision is to reach out to my family, friends and artists personally and through the social network. Thank you! 

Rene' Alt | Rene Audria Beauty

I can't say enough great things about Holly..I do want to point out that she has proven over and over again to be the, "Go to Girl", for marketing Information and biz helpful hints... need to contact Holly now.

John L. Nunez

Holly is brimming with creative 'out of the box' ideas on marketing and collaborations. She leverages her contacts in the industry in unique ways for new avenues, opportunities and programs.

Melinda Stone - Welcome Express

Holly Willner has a multi-dimensional CREATIVE GIFT and I just can't recommend her enough – anyone would be really wise to GRAB her when she's available! Holly is a living idea machine….she just keeps churning them out one after another, non stop! She’ll plan your marketing from A – Z including URLs that you’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought of, strategies, ads, graphics, catchy mailers, videos, events, invitations, décor, gifts, …. You name it …. And all with a great work ethic. She’s a very sharp leader who exudes warmth, definitely someone you’ll wonder how you managed without.

Elaine Salkin 

Entrepreneur / Business Owner 

I've worked with Holly Willner [over several] years, first on-site and then through the main administrative office (and on subsequent freelance projects). I have always found her to be creative and personable. Our agents have relied heavily on her many unique marketing ideas and her perspective on how to advertise both themselves and the properties they represent in an “out of the ordinary” manner. Holly has invariably been cheerful, positive and open to suggestions and ideas of others in the process. Her “can do” attitude has allowed the mundane to come alive and flourish in a timely manner. She is the best!

Marilyn Byron
Office Administrator (former)
First Team Real Estate - Laguna Beach

Holly can explain social media so you can actually understand how it all works.  She has helped me triple my business over many years She is so smart, creative and tenacious about how she improves your visibility on-line.  You can't call Holly fast enough and get started with Moxxee Media.  She will build you a website and teach you how to use it and promote it too.  

Marla Stone -  Ideal Lifestyle Organizing 

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